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Community Tax Relief Review


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Business Profile

Community Tax Relief has been in business since 2010 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.


Community Tax Relief is a full service tax company that provides Tax Preparation, Bookeeping, and Accounting Services.

Better Business Bureau

Community Tax Relief is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is ranked A+. 

Why is Community Tax Relief Ranked #1 ?

Optima Tax Relief Review

Free Consultation

Community Tax Relief offers a FREE CONSULTATION in order to determine which service is right for you.  Whatever the type of tax relief you need, Community Tax Relief is there to assist and guide you for the best possible outcome.

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Tax Professionals

There is no need to fight the IRS when you can hire a team of tax professionals to represent you.  You may not owe as much as the IRS says you do. Have one of Community Tax Relief’s specialists help you today.

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Negotiation Tactics

Community Tax Relief use many negotiation tactics including an offer in compromise, installment agreement, penalty abatement, and currently not collectible status.

why choose Community Tax Relief?

The experienced professionals at Community Tax Relief will hear your case and provide you a free tax analysis showing you the best resolution to your problem, guaranteed. At Community Tax, they understand the pressure you face and how to turn your situation around protecting your livelihood.

The Community Tax Relief process of investigation begins by filing a Tax Authorization Information Form 8821 with the IRS and/or the appropriate form for the State Taxing authority on your behalf in order to obtain a complete record of your account. Upon completion of their investigation, you will be contacted with their findings, and be given your options with regards to resolving your tax issues once and for all.

The Community Tax resolution process begins by gathering more in depth financial information and supporting documentation in order to prepare an in depth proposal for submission to the IRS and/or State. Many resolutions require significant follow up, and contact with the IRS and/or State. Community Tax’s team is here for you and their goal is to not only fix your tax issues, but to keep you tax debt free in the future.


Community Tax Relief Review
  • Community Tax Relief Review

Community Tax Relief

Since 2010, Chicago-based tax relief company Community Tax Relief has helped thousands of clients resolve their tax issues with the IRS. Community Tax is a full service tax company that provides tax preparation, bookkeeping, and accounting services. We highly recommend it.
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